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It should be noted that this whitepaper serves only an informational purpose, and therefore, cannot be viewed as legal, financial, or investment advice. Additionally, this whitepaper is not meant as an invitation for investment, nor does it request for any form of contractual responsibility. If you have any reservations, we highly recommend that you seek the advice of a trusted licit or financial fiduciary.

All external references presented in the whitepaper are meant to be designated as representations and should not be regarded as Ozone approving of their information or notional theorizations.

Ozone has exercised a high degree of competence and diligence when drafting this document. However, there is still a liability of error. Ozone does not explicitly ensure the precision of the information and facts presented in this document. Furthermore, by reading this whitepaper, you agree to exempt Ozone from any damages emerging directly or indirectly from relying upon the information disclosed in this document.

The modification, duplication, or distribution of this whitepaper or any of its components, either in part or whole without prior written consent from Ozone is discouraged. By utilizing this whitepaper, the reader accepts that Ozone is the sole owner of any intellectual property mentioned in this document.

There are some estimations and notional theorizations presented in the whitepaper that can be termed as forward-looking statements. These include and are not limited to, evaluations made with regards to Ozone’s projected revenue, growth rate, future products and services, and road map, among other statements similar in approach.

The reader of this whitepaper expresses explicit acknowledgement of the fact that these forward-looking proclamations are merely valuations and predictions that are subject to market risk.

The whitepaper published by Ozone is not subject to the jurisdiction of any legal body. Furthermore, the information presented in this whitepaper has not been examined or approved by any regulatory body. Hence, no legal action will be accommodated under the laws and regulations of any jurisdiction.

Additionally, the Ozone coin is a utility cryptocurrency, and cannot be viewed as a form of investment, arbitrage, or any form of speculation that is projected for immediate sale and financial gains.

By agreeing to read this whitepaper, and by soliciting information about Ozone or by purchasing Ozone coins, you, the reader has confirmed that you have read, understood, and accept the terms put forth in the section titled “DISCLAIMER.”

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